The pentagon’s endless war plans.


The pentagon’s endless war plans.

DID the pentagon just officially announce a new cold war with China and Russia, and promised endless wars around the world? Clearly, yes – this is the core message of the new trump administration’s new defense strategy, which, as Andrew batewicz puts it, does not offer any strategy or defence. Above all, the document is another victory for the huge and costly military build-up.

The NDS claims that “we are facing” increased global chaos… The security environment created is more complex and volatile than we have experienced in recent memory. This may be right for you, but the pentagon is not talking about catastrophic climate change, the destruction of the inequality, millions of refugees displaced unstable flow and suffering.

No, the focus of the NDS is the threat of cold war foes. As defense minister Matisse put it in the filing, “[we] will continue to be charged for what we do today terrorist activity, but big competition, instead of terrorism, now is the top priority of America’s national security.”

China and Russia are described as a real threat to the world of “revisionist state” : “they want to build a consistent with its authoritarian model of the world, in the rest of the world economic, diplomatic and security decisions have veto power.”

Russia is an ageing and ageing oil producer, not a model for anyone. Despite the promise of not doing so, we have relentlessly pushed for NATO’s expansion into its borders, a response that should not be underestimated. By contrast, China is already a global economic power, providing an authoritarian, mercantilist model of state capitalism. America’s global companies and our trade policies have helped it rise and help it become the world’s manufacturing hub. Its influence is bound to expand; It is rich.

No military solution to these problems, but the NDS, claimed that the two powers, along with Iran and north Korea, will attempt to overturn, we use the “corruption, predatory economic practice, propaganda, political subversion, the agent and the threat or use of force to change the fact that local. Some people are particularly good at exploiting economic relationships with many of our security partners. ”

As for if it is not enough to solve the two superpowers, the defense department also plans to deal with rogue regimes, “to defeat the terrorist threat in the United States, and consolidate our achievements [sic] in Iraq and Afghanistan, and moved to a more sustainable resources.” The military will also “maintain a favorable regional balance in the Indian Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the western hemisphere” and “deal with major terrorist threats in Africa”.

Northern Alliance soldiers, aligned with the U.S., watch as American warplanes drop bombs on the Taliban on Nov. 19, 2001, around the city of Kunduz, Afghanistan. The U.S.-led coalition quickly drove the Taliban from power, but 15 years later, the Americans are still helping the Afghan army battle the Islamist radicals.

This is the imperial view of global power, dedicated to maintaining the global “order”, even the capacity and scope of the richest countries and their Allies. The NDS admits that it needs “hard choices” to “prioritise the most important things”, but that is precisely what the document does not provide.

Instead, it calls for the creation of a “normal daily operation” of military force that can “deter aggression in three key areas: the Indian Pacific, Europe and the Middle East; Reducing the threat of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction; And defend America’s interests from the challenges of armed conflict. “American special forces have been chasing terrorists in African countries, and the world is responsible for managing space, air and sea, and it is a permanent engagement.

NDS also illustrates in detail from the advanced computing, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, autonomy, robot, directional energy, supersonic and biological technology and so on various aspects the necessity of maintaining the pentagon “technical superiority”. This calls for “industry culture, investment sources and protection across national security innovation bases”. In other words, the pentagon will push American industrial policy.

Needless to say, this requires a lot more money than the pentagon has received. NDS, warned that if there is no money, will lead to the “cohesion decline in global influence, American ally, market access”, this will lead to “our prosperity and decline in living standards”. “


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