Philadelphia eagles progress case (earnest)


Philadelphia eagles progress case (earnest)

AST week, I wrote an article called “line by line scan for New England patriots.” This is, even if you disdain for defending the super bowl champs elysees, they are a “trump card” fake horse but those who love their shouldn’t feel guilty, or at least they should not be consumption than any other National Football League one feel any guilt. I also wrote, except in the case of very, to draw a team with a political colour is silly, like it help people to fight for social change, if a washing machine is a victory. Hate the patriot – I do the same – if you have to, but it is a weakness to portray hate in political terms.

For me, if the patriots don’t go away like a migraine, then their super bowl rivals are more like a mosquito that never stops buzzing: the Philadelphia eagles. I don’t like the eagle is completely unreasonable. Like the patriots in their 15 years of dominance, they were just as annoying, because they never won the super bowl, and their fans couldn’t stop complaining. However, the patriots once again took the situation to extremes and described the fan base as something close to the wild. They pointed out an old history, including the Atlanta hawks fans booed Santa Claus, laugh at the neck of the opposition players injured, beneath the stadium has a court ruled that quickly drunken fight, but this Sunday, wearing Viking equipment people thrown a full beer cans. But while hawks fans are trying to be a particularly toxic asshole, few NFL stadiums can be described as healthful environments. Attendance was not low, as players protested. This ratio is very low, because most of the sports venues are $300 middle-class fans, they play a distortion of the concept of the working class, for your office to work on Monday, dozen semen, dozen spirit, and then to draw their own contusion.

I’ve been to a lot of the NFL’s stadium, except no one really CARES about Miami and Seattle and Denver, legal weeds float above the following haze, no one will be described as “cold”. Philadelphia fans were alone.

The city is also a complex and contradictory place, with its jubilant mayor Frank Rizzo and mayor Wilson Goode’s MOVE bombing. The city has produced a fictional white boxer, Loki balboa, rather than many of the Philadelphia black boxer Joe frazier, created by Sylvester stallone. It’s a city where you can buy a right-wing cheese steak in “pure English” Geno’s and take great care to execute the Philadelphia journalist Mumia abu-jamal. But it’s also a city, and as of 2015, the Fraser statue is here. This is a powerful anti-nazi demonstration city, DA Larry Krasner, who has been elected in the past year, expecting him to use his position to oppose mass incarceration and social justice. This is the city of resistance in the trump era, and the stereotype of old Philadelphia does not necessarily apply.

It’s also a city, and it’s a city that has taken root in 2017 with a particularly socially conscious player community. This is star security team Malcolm Jenkins, in the past year, most of the time in the national anthem and boxing player coalition of negotiations with the owner of the NFL, financially support the cause of the struggle for racial equality. Even if people do not agree with the players alliance strategy, think it is too fast will affect the player’s protest, it was an extraordinary way for Jenkins, at the same time leading the team to become the top seed in the NFC.

Chris Long, who played for the patriots last year, refused to go to the White House for political reasons. He then went to Philadelphia, where he became openly political after the nazis staged a deadly march in Charlottesville. “In August, we watched people fill our home streets with hatred and bigotry,” he said in a statement. Megan (the dragon’s wife), I decided to try to fight these actions with our active investment in the community. We hope that these scholarships will reflect the true meaning of the Cville community – mutual support, social equality, and the need for scholarships in our community. We hope that our investments will change the lives of the students who won the scholarship, which in turn will have a positive impact on others. ”

Also spent a long time this season, because Jenkins fist raised during the national anthem, created a symbolic image of unity, stand the test of time put his hand in Malcolm Jenkins’s shoulder.

At the end of the season, fans began to call him “Colin Kaepernick,” and his point was that when Kaep pulled them apart, he pulled people together. A long, fierce voice called out this nonsense. One tweet is that “zero interest rates are used as anti-collin”. I support colin’s right to protest, what he’s protesting about. He deserves to work in the NFL. His donation is as much as mine. “(people should read the full text.)

Lang joined another former patriots team and ran back to the nephew of the jazz music, grandson great’s nephew, LeGarrette Blount (seriously). If the eagle wins the super bowl, lang and blatt can be the first players to avoid the White House in a few years of playing at different teams.

And then there are players like Rodney macleod, Tory Smith, marcus Johnson… Conscious players and their story lists are more books than books. In the curse of Donald trump the players in huntsville, Alabama says they should be forced to support the national anthem or be fired after this team put two hands together, there are several players raised his fist. Team boss Jeffrey Laurie also linked arms with his players, but I don’t have the owner protest fans, they don’t even give Kaepernick a try, credit Laurie to issue one of the best to support the statement that said in part “every day I see our sincere dedication and hard work. I support them because they bring courage, character and commitment into our communities to make them better or to raise concerns about injustice. “The fans didn’t boo these people, they cheered.

The success of the team in the political arena last year was itself a statement. As Chris dragon in the “super bowl” media puts it, David Smith as sports writer Michael (Michael David Smith) twitter people in this team, “it has been proved that participate in the otc political reasons not to pitch interference of success.

In a tweet from the star quarterback Carson Wentz, who was injured last month, there is no clear distinction between success and social consciousness. When he entered the league from North Dakota, what we knew was that he was a young man who feared god. He introduced himself to the world, is almost a Norman rockwell quarterback American cartoons: the people in the town of men either pass or the exercise of the rights of the second amendment. However, when trump Haiti is a comment on “the countries of the world,” werntz immediately launched an offensive, and former teammate card Nick Matthews supporters of Jordan talked about her visit to Haiti. Wentz tweeted trump’s words, “love the people of Haiti! They have experienced so much, but it is incredible to see so much hope that they have suffered so many natural disasters. It will definitely change [Jordan Matthews] and me forever! “This is a direct rebuke to the public transformation of racist Wentz not only his honour, but also the culture of the eagle dressing room.

Don’t buy the story of the patriots and the eagles from hell. This is not the way of sports. Both organizations contain a lot. But if you go to the super bowl parties, and that the patriots are poisonous, arrogant, qualified, and as their owner and manager friend Donald Trump (Donald Trump) were tricked into to the top, so the eagle team is a team. As for my own interest in rooting, I will be on any day of the migraine mosquito. Philadelphia 24, patriot 21.

Correction: an earlier version of this article incorrectly assertions, Philadelphia fans no curse all the teams fail, find a championship success, but Billy Payne’s curse Is actually a possible explanation.


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