India: explore the world’s largest democracy.


India: explore the world’s largest democracy.

Embark on the grand adventure of a lifetime – full of iconic attractions, exclusive meetings with famous experts, and private planning Tours!

India, one of the world’s largest democracies and one of the most dynamic economies, is a contrast. The taj mahal palace and jaipur fascinating attractions, such as dynamic market is full of colour profusion of spices and dazzling textiles, India is in the forefront in numerous social and economic aspects to solve the problem of culture unique and gradual way. During this 13-day tour, we’ll explore the must-see sights of this truly unique nation, and the complexities of immerse ourselves in this rapidly changing nation.

Join us and explore the amazing adventures of Bombay, varanasi, agra, samoad, jaipur and Delhi. Throughout the journey, we will meet with journalists, scholars, community events, artists, historians, environmentalists, and so on to learn more about the country’s past, present and future. Visit to India is often a once in a lifetime experience, so we are very carefully designed our plan, in order to make the most of your time – explore the “must-see” website, at the same time provide expert planning experience, will make you feel less than a tourist, more like a scholar, to really understand the dynamic state. Here is the highlight of this remarkable trip.

Visit the incomparable taj mahal, the amber fort in jaipur and the red fort in Delhi.

Explore the traditional arts and crafts of India’s amazing, visit the bustling markets and artisans, craftsmen to make complex textiles, jaipur famous blue-green color pottery, handmade jewelry and luxuriant embroidery.

Meet with kavita tava, a leader of the oldest and largest human rights organization in India, at her home in shemade.

Steeped in the holiest city of Hinduism, varanasi, the city has nearly 3,000 years of spiritual and religious heritage.

She is known for her efforts to fight corruption and promote government transparency.

Visit the offices of Balaknama, a monthly newspaper that USES the platform to tell stories from street and working children.

Take a morning yoga class, prepare Indian food in a cooking class, and experience a rickshaw in a bustling market.

These are just a few highlights of our trip to India. Look at the complete schedule to better understand what you expect.

Includes hotel accommodation, all traffic within the territory of India, all travel, all lectures, welcome cocktail party, most of the food and beverage, as well as many other planning activities, over a period of 13 days travel cost c $7825, plus $320 in internal air tickets (single supplement is us $1980). Activities.


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