Cartoonist Daniel klose time travels and gives readers the value of their money.


Cartoonist Daniel klose time travels and gives readers the value of their money.

When he grew up, cartoonist Daniel close liked to paint, but he never thought he would do it. Fresh Air’s Sam Briger joked: “I was looking forward to working for Cracked magazine for four years, and then trying to build a wall board or something else, to do my prison drawings when I was DUI.”

But by contrast, Mr. Klose, 55, has become one of the most influential artists in independent comics. His comic book “ghost world” and “art academy secrets” have been adapted into films, and Clowes has been nominated to co-write the screenplay for “ghost worlds”.

Before doing this, it took me a long time to put my old work together with a special one. This needs through the drawer, put all of my earlier work, and all I’m so depressed in my own mind and body in the drawer in my house, and there are some issues which must be solved, then go to “oh, I’m the guy, and now I am the guy, according to the three random events in my life, brought me to this point.” And it makes me think that there are things that make me interested in a story for five years.

Why does his balloon sometimes drift away from the web?

This is one of those things that must happen. I think I started with that wonderful book, and the idea is that I want to put it all in my head. So you see his ideas, they’re always at the front desk, and what others are saying is being covered up by these ideas.

We usually talk to other people, like, “I really have to go,” and someone tells us something, and we don’t pay attention. I want to capture this.

What does he think about comic books?

I don’t agree with that. I can tell a mile, it’s always – I think I’m reading a robot.

How did he feel today about his groundbreaking comic book series, Eightball, running from 1989 to 2004?

If it’s only a few years, it scares me – I watch it go, “oh my god, it’s a disaster.” If I’m 10, I’m still a young man. And this thing looks very old, I’m very tolerant. …… I remember working all the time – every day, all day – doing these things, working hard to learn to do this kind of work, and I was really nervous. This is very difficult.

I was really depressed at that time. I always like, “I’m better, I’m better.” And then looking back, I kind of forgive myself. I said, “you know, you’re doing great, and that’s good.”

And they’re so dense, I always feel like I’m giving the reader the value of their money – they’re like $3 or something – and I’m going to kill myself for these problems, you know? … I think cartoons should be quarterly, and every problem has nine months. Three dollars a year is hard to make a living. I did everything I could.

How did the parents change him?

I refused to have children for a long time, because I was afraid it would affect me. And I thought, I’ll try to solve the problem, not even noticing the little guy in the other room. However, when you face this responsibility, you will find things you may not want to face. You find out what your real opinion is.

I found that when I was speaking in front of my son, I found that I was trying to say what I really felt, not the version I had in my 20s, and wanted the opposite. “I want him to know what I really feel, what my real value is. You find yourself thinking, can I believe that? Is this my real opinion, or is it just something I want to show to the world?

I find this very profound. I became more myself in some way.


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