Tex-mex: cooking fake or authentic food?


Tex-mex: cooking fake or authentic food?

Over the years, sociologists and organizational researchers have been studying the “new”, “process” beer, smart phone “application”, “cross” SUV etc. The emergence of social classes and enter the public vernacular.

But by Stanford university’s business school, Lawrence w. Ryan (Laurence w. Lane) organization professor Glenn R carol (Glenn r. Carroll) jointly write a new study found that americans are one of the most familiar food category – the so-called “Mexican food” (Tex tex-mex) if the existing theory explains the mix of Mexican food how to become a part of the American food culture is everywhere.

His conclusion: they didn’t.

“We’re taking a new species,” carroll said. “we’re trying to use existing theories to see what the best explanation is.” He was recently in sociology with Dennis r. Wheaton, a former food critic for the Chicago magazine. “No one explained it very well. So we need a better theory. ”

He said the emergence of tex-mex as a food category contradicted two popular ideas about how new categories might emerge. One way is when someone explicitly expresses an idea and then advocates it in some way to promote it and persuade others – “social activist” theory. For example, in Henry Galt (Henri Gault), Paul antique, (Paul Bocuse), michelle cover lal (MichelGuerard) and Alan check pell (Alain Chapel on the) such as chefs, driven by fresh food is very popular.

Tex-mex is against the prophets.

But for tex-mex, the opposite is true. Food began to appear in the late 19th century, but the label appeared in the late 60 s – perhaps because it is a rhyme, it is easy to remember, and is widely used in the eighty s. But The big bang came in 1972, when The food writer Diane Kennedy wrote about her influential “Mexican food.” Mexican). Although she had never been used in the recipe, the term “Tex tex-mex” but she is in the Mexican food on both sides of the border between bit a bright line, and put forward the americanized Mexican food is inferior compared with food and not the real idea of Mexico.

Homemade vegetarian tacos with black beans and sweet corn.

We have adopted “new species” and tried to use existing theories to see the best explanation.

Glen carroll

Carol calls Kennedy the “anti-prophet” of tex-mex. Her criticism resonated in Mexico, which was promoting its regional cuisine as a world-class food. Critics there include the Nobel prize-winning poet Octavio Paz, who believes that the food cooked in the American melting pot is an asshole for his own food. (he USES the word “odious” in this regard.) Both countries’ critics have disparaged tex-mex’s food, and the label’s connotation is entirely negative.

However, tex-mex continues to thrive in restaurants specialising in non-mexicans, as well as Mexican food and snack foods such as rice chips, leggy beans, crispy tacos and rolls. “It’s hard to explain and promote this category,” the researchers wrote. “Instead, they intend to preserve the purity of the Mexican category and use the tex-mex label in a demeaning and degrading manner.”

The fallacy of clustering theory.

The theory of the second category is called “similarity clustering”, in which the opinion makers try to understand something by clustering with phenomena with similar characteristics. (this is China’s guangdong, sichuan and hunan regional cuisines vary in size “let’s Chinese!” ) after investigation, they asked participants to compare the United States, Mexico and Texas – Mexican food project, the “more real Mexico,” the researchers concluded that the clustering theory also didn’t really explain it.

“The results have been global,” said wheaton. “Tex-mex is thought to be inconsistent with mexicans.”

Carol added: “I was one of the first people to push the theory of clustering, but I didn’t believe it.

Tex-mex usually means unique food, such as chili, cornflakes, fagas and a combination of plates in yellow cheese, Carroll and Wheaton said. The researchers also said the tex-mex diet usually includes cumin, cornflakes, chilli powder and commercial ground beef, rather than ground beef or chopped beef. Critics say – Mexico, Texas and other reasons is not true for those reasons, especially to the world’s 9000 taco bell and tacos, and countless el torrey, intellectual intelligence and other restaurants provide similar mass production of food.

The oldest local food in America?

The researchers also considered the mexicans and Mexican immigration to the United States, and between white American and Mexican americans on the border between class and status of “strong, long and painful differentiation” role. They think the tensions were affected in the gulf of Mexico, immigration settlement patterns of geography, but also said the reality does not provide a simple, complete explanation.

Carol and wheaton does show that today’s Texas – Mexico is experiencing a “reinterpretation”, which was previously disenfranchised and derogatory groups sometimes begin to use these labels in a positive way.

But in the end, the rise of tex-mex remains a mystery. Robb Walsh, a food writer in Texas, noted in his report that Kennedy’s dismissal of mexican-american food was simply a step backwards. “We can all thank Diana Kennedy for unintentionally giving Texas instruments (tex-mex) a proper place in the history of food,” writes Walsh. “By convincing us that tex-mex is not really Mexican food, she forces us to realize that this is the more interesting thing: the oldest regional cuisine in the United States.

From a sociological point of view, carroll’s findings are not interesting: “for me, this is the result of research. There are only a number of categories that we can’t explain in theory. “


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