Colombia: a rising country.


Colombia: a rising country.

Colombia is indeed a rising country. This once divided country, full of spectacular landscapes and rich cultural wealth, is in the midst of a historic transformation. In August 2017, its first travellers to the natural beauty and diversity of rural and urban charm and most importantly, get the welcome of colombians, proud of their unique countries, and strive to build a better future. In the face of global populism in 2016, Colombia has provided inspirational leaders with the idea of progress and pushed it to the forefront of Latin American economic and cultural innovation. It’s a very special time to visit.

Our program includes 11 night Bogota, medellin and cartagena picturesque city full of vitality, and distributed across the lush rural town, these areas are one of the most abundant biodiversity areas in the world. Throughout the journey, we meet with historians, activists, government officials, academics, documentaries, artists and other people who continue to help shape new Colombia.

Emphasis on

Know the landmark in the peace process, and personally visit memory, center for peace and reconciliation, and, in collaboration with inspiring human rights leader and displaced women, soil culture and veterans civilians and training for the members of the group.

Watch colorful wild animals, such as barbet and animals, and in the country is rich in the ecological zone magnificent highland park national nature reserve, with its unique and rare plant life.

Experience vibrant local delicacies in a variety of well-chosen restaurants, showcase new food scenes from Colombia, visit coffee plantations and sip special beers.

Stroll through charming colonial town streets, admire the beautiful Spanish architecture and awe-inspiring churches, and visit the first-class medellin botanical gardens.

Explore the handicraft market of the colorful mountain towns that live in the people’s hometown. Taste the unique local cuisine and explore the stalls with dried herbs.

Marvel at the massive volcanic statues found on Easter island 5,000 years ago and the people who created them.

Visit the mountainous medellin transformation subway cable car and escalator, and these innovations help turn the poor community into a vibrant community.

Visit the museum of gold to learn about the past and present effects on the economy and the environment of the country.


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