What about the gingerbread muffin? Look at Dominic ansel’s new Los Angeles bakery.


What about the gingerbread muffin? Look at Dominic ansel’s new Los Angeles bakery.

“It is hard to do,” he cooks Oman chef Dominique Ansel (Dominique Ansel) said, this is a deeply made of caramel rolling dough addictive Brittany (Breton) pastry, with sugar gently knead a piece of dough. “Like omelets, they absorb sugar, and if it’s too slow and not cold enough, it’s easy to turn into syrup.

It’s almost eight o ‘clock in the morning on a Saturday morning dominique ansel bread and Dominic ansel, 189 in grove outdoor shopping center composed ansel’s new Los Angeles sentinel complex on the second floor, opened in the kitchen preparing very lively. Ansel’s Cronuts tray, his ridiculous name of the croissant doughnut mixture, was given a pink soft frosting before the pastry was made.

Next to the big kitchen, a cook prepares brunch (the chef’s first full-service restaurant), and more complex pastries can be finished. Gingerbread pine cones, and speculoos Gunnar xu, ginger mousse and spiced dessert made of gingerbread cookies, chocolate is constructed with more than 60 petals, each manual carefully placed a light snow powdered sugar was before. And ruby tarts, Los Angeles sole dorothy’s ruby slippers, “the wizard of oz” and lychee mousse and cherry jam making inspiration, decorated with pomegranate seeds used in one by one, made by hand.

French pastry chef, 40, is based in front of the laminator, making his most popular pastry, kouign-amann, known as DKA. They are light versions of traditional cakes, with only five ingredients: flour, salt, butter, yeast and sugar. Put a huge dough in a large piece of butter (imagine a huge dough with butter letter envelope) folded up, then back and forth through the laminating machine conveyor belt transmission, cleverly added sugar. It is this folding and rolling machine that creates the thin, butter layer.

Next, quality control. “Well, shall we begin with the croissants?” Ansell wore a white chef’s coat and a pastry like a scientist.

“The real skill of a great pastry chef is a croissant,” he said, cutting it in half to reveal the “beehive” layer inside and then inhale the aroma. “Smell is one of the most important thing I, it should be like the flavor of fermented, it should be light, should not be too sour, should not be bitter, should not be vinegar, it should be a good, butter fermentation. ”

Gingerbread Pinecone is a kind of with ginger, ginger mousse and spiced dessert made of ginger bread cake, made up of more than 60 chocolate petals, petals manual carefully placed each chocolate, then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

At 8:45 a.m., ansell and his partner, jack ma, held a pre-shift meeting. The front desk staff of the bakery line up, wearing matching suspenders and bow ties, tasting raspberry tart features and phone games to help with communication skills. (horses always start the game, like this: “five croissants, three California rolls, three DKA, two Cronuts and a latte.” If the staff is right, everyone gets a cookie.

Horses and ansel are partners in business and life, 12 years ago, he in Daniel bloom (Daniel town) restaurant meet Daniel (Daniel) restaurant in New York City, had been ansel pastry chef, she is a cooking school interns. In 2011, Ansel and ma opened the Dominique Ansel bakery in New York, with just four employees. Ansel describes working 20 hours a day – washing dishes, taking out the garbage and sweeping the floor. Mom took the picture from her phone and put it on the floor of the bakery as evidence. Three years later, he launched the Cronut, a popular cultural phenomenon. They now own and operate bakeries in London, Tokyo, New York (two) and bakeries and restaurants, which opened in November.

As for ansell, who had to mass-produce his Cronut offer, he said he would not. “I refused, because my father worked in a factory all his life, and he had nothing,” ansel said. “I didn’t want to be a manager of a factory. “I want to be the person who has the opportunity to continue to create, to continue to drive this industry, and I don’t believe that selling is right. What do you leave behind? No. I believe more importantly, I believe in creativity. ”

It’s time to open the door at 9 a.m. A group of people brought together more than an hour, the enthusiasm – some people have called for ansel like a rock and roll music conference fans signature – from 4 o ‘clock in the morning and started to work in his bakery chef.

“Good morning! Ansel one by one, to meet customer, open the door, more like a gentle owner, rather than a on sets with more than 300000 followers, last year was named the world’s best pastry chef. He took his freshly baked Madeleine and he took them very seriously and thanked everyone for their patience. “They’re still alive,” he said, pointing to a small box of biscuits. “When the cook puts it in front of you, you can’t wait to eat. Time is everything. Time is the pure ingredient of every recipe.

Ansell has spent a lot of time getting where he is today. “My first year in the kitchen was terrible,” he said, adding that he had to work in the kitchen at 16 to support his family in bowie, a suburb of Paris. “I was verbally abused, physically as if I were cutting me with a knife just for fun. I burned me with a shovel and hit me. This is the old French way of learning. This explains why ansel’s kitchen doesn’t allow swearing or Shouting.

He returned to France after serving in the French Guiana army at the age of 19, and spent eight years working in the French village, where he mastered French pastry. At 24, he manages more than 100 employees. In 2006, ansel was asked to fly to New York to taste food for one of the world’s most respected French chefs. Ansel stayed in Daniel for seven years.

“I like his ability to create very good desserts, very focused flavor and texture, and introverted, I always like his creativity, he always has his own ideas,” said broude.


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