Vietnam: amazing beauty and indomitable spirit.


Vietnam: amazing beauty and indomitable spirit.

Immersed in the rich and complex history of this determined country, the true inside of Vietnam.

The Vietnam war (in Vietnam is known as the “American war”) upon the land and people of the small southeast Asian country left an indelible imprint, but now more than half of the population is in after the war ended. Vietnam today is a country that looks to the future — a country that is geopolitically important, where the economy flourishes and forms its own path on the modern world stage. Join the award-winning television, radio and print journalists (and former foreign editor George (George Black) in Black explore the fascinating and complicated country facing the political, economic, cultural and environmental challenges and opportunities for 11 days immersion experience. We will work with artists, journalists, former Vietnamese soldiers and former American geographical indication, activists and entrepreneurs to meet, let the insiders see the difficult past, fanatical now and (hopefully) a better future.

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Participate in discussions with longtime national contributor George Black about Vietnam’s history and politics.

Attend many with artists, historians, media and literary character, former Vi ệ tC ộ ng soldiers, a former U.S. geographical indication, Vietnamese victims of agent orange association staff such as the exclusive of many meetings and discussions.

See landmarks such as the Chinese beach, the ho chi minh mausoleum, and the roof shelters that were famous during the fall of Saigon.

Visit the DMZ and meet with members of the emergency team that detonated unexploded ordnance that is still frequently found in the area, as well as the villagers who found them.

The palace and shrines evoke the glorious image of the former capital of the 13 emperors.

Immersed in the atmosphere of Hanoi’s old city, it is a hidden alley, charming architecture and bustling market.

Explore the UNESCO world heritage site H ạ Long Bay, here is the karst islands and crystal waters, custom visit postponed.

This is just a few of the highlights of this extraordinary plan. See the full itinerary, fully appreciate our rich and comprehensive tour.

The total package travel costs for $6599 / $7725 each, plus internal ticket $320 (double/single occupancy), including 11 nights hotel accommodation, all traffic within the territory of Vietnam, all all lectures, welcome cocktail party, traveling, most meals many curators activities and other activities.

100 percent of the proceeds from our travel plan support the nation’s journalism.


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