Music week: paste favorite songs, albums, performances, etc.

Jeff Tweedy performs at NPR Music's 10th Anniversary Concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.

Music week: paste favorite songs, albums, performances, etc.

This week on Paste, we mourn the death of Mark e. Smith, the heart and soul of the post-punk anti-hero “fall” in England. For more than 40 years, Smith has been using an ironic and cynical voice, like a street corner shaman, in a gutsy, guttural style. We also pulled out a new album from the first aid box and giant giant (above), and new tracks from Jay Som, Corey Flood and James Blake. We also blend in with Justin Timberlake’s strange new character and the Rolling Stones’ double masterpiece, “the beggar’s party and some girls”. Catch up with the last 7 days of Paste’s favorite albums, songs, performances and features.

Best album first-aid kit: it’s been nearly four years since the ruins of Stay Gold, a critically acclaimed Cosmic American Music musician, put Swedish sisters Johanna and KlaraSoderberg on the map. As the fans eagerly awaited the follow-up, the sisters slowly collapsed. They found their pace never stopped, in the dull monotony of a never-ending tour. It was written to a great extent in the Joshua tree, Clara’s engagement, when the ruins were dissolved, they were down there.

It’s a mature record. It’s not that it’s dark; Their gorgeous, bloody harmonies and the sun stripes of the pedal steel guitar make it never feel too melancholy. On the contrary, the lyrics of this album are permeated with a gentle experience, one that is explored in several different sounds and is a new frontier for the playing of the world. Here are the classic works of the laid-back “postcards”, the “fireworks” of the 1950s rock and roll atmosphere, to “live life” back to the folk. Robert ham

More than 20 years ago, John Linnell and John Flansburgh decided to expand the giant into a rock band, sacrificing some of their uniqueness to support bass and live drums, and fuller voices. Their new album, “I Like Fun,” may be the perfect sound. It’s the best album since John Henry in 1994. I like to find Linnell and Flansburgh together with death and fear and other dark topics. The songs are sprinkled with plastic buttocks and smiling skulls and lake monsters and murdered bodies. “We are afraid. We live in terror. We’re all naked, “johanns sings in” Last Wave, “an exciting finish to the album. “The tomb is the loneliest place.” This salmon –

Caitlyn Smith: Starfire.

The good news for Caitlyn Smith, a golden music singer in Nashville, is that she might bypass the countryside completely. Although it was recorded in Nashville, and full of late night regrets and twists, her debut album, Starfire, has a lot of crossover moments. “Don’t give up on my love” and the dramatic expansion of the Adele hit, praise her old home “st. Paul” “can be between Sam Smith and khalid the top 40 in the playlist. The record for Smith’s record label is apparently so, because of the “tonight show” and “today show”. This may be good for her, because Nashville’s establishment may not be too good for a willing artist. Perhaps this will encourage Smith and other female artists to sharpen their own f teeth and take their own power. – Robert ham

Best song

Jay Som: ‘OK, Meet Me Underwater’

The independent pop star Melina Duterte, also known as Jay Som, Shared more new music through the Pirouette this week, a seven-inch mass production. She also issued B noodles, a lovely jam called “OK, Meet Me Underwater”. It will soon disappear with the Duterte guitar curve, replaced by her steady bass and low percussion. The song transforms in unpredictable and exciting ways, like a liquid. “If you feel good, meet me under water,” Duterte urged, inviting immersion. – Scott Russell.

Corey Flood: “soft”

Self-proclaimed “pop” dark band of cory Fred (Corey Flood), named after a name any role, in their first EP “Wish You Had” used to solve the disappointment and disillusionment of irony passed. In Philadelphia orchestra Littler play the bass Ivy Gray – Klein, Corey Flood cited Liz Phair and the influence of Helium, but added more eager to melody, rhythmic rhythm and faint murmur, ethereal grace in order to achieve. EP’s latest product, Soft, is mild and subtle, but emotionally brutal. Grey-klein got her name in her vocal delivery because she strung up the hypocrisy of a very modern male archetypal center: “soft boy”. – Roland dibrasi.


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