Introduced the Valee GOOD music approved rappers with an elegant trap sound.


Introduced the Valee GOOD music approved rappers with an elegant trap sound.

Valle spoke softly and carried a little dog. When york was around 5 pounds, Furrari was running excitedly in a sunny studio near Humboldt park in Chicago, where his owner was taking pictures. When the little guy put the book in the hallway, Valee’s voice became dad’s pattern: “Rari! Come back here! “Despite the discipline of the dog, you won’t touch Valery’s conversation – or the question – far more than a whisper. It made him spend a lot of time on him: Jennie kept a close eye on Valee’s silent views on life, language and the music industry, because everything was vague. When we talk with Archie’s – a wooden dive bar, let the dog can freely roaming – diva Yang sound house from the 1990 s, but I feel like I have just completed an hour’s meditation session.

In the hyper-saturated rap landscape of 2018, people always feel their voices are the loudest, dominating the conversation through sheer flattery. Valee’s strategy is different. “Someone was there, and my job was not to provoke them,” he told me in a tequila shot, with larry in his coat. Starting on December 12, 2015, he applied the same concept to a low-key, quirky mix. Most of his songs ended in two minutes or so, not wanting to outdo them. The twenty-eight-year-old had never recorded it.

“It should be a blow to me,” he said. “I like to work intelligently, to make music people want to hear, just to make sure we don’t get nervous when we are deaf.” It is such a dreary conspiracy that Valee stands out from the rap scene and beyond in Chicago. Inadvertently, his movement is light, but completely magnetic, a perfect balance between learning and intuition.

Robert Taylor Homes, a high-rise residential project in the Bronzeville community in Chicago, was born Valee Taylor, who grew up on the south side of the city. As a child, he was fascinated by how to separate things and learn how to put them back. Today, his attitude to music seems to follow a similar spirit – an obsession with rap mechanics and finding new solutions to old problems. “If there’s a lot of people talking in some way, I should accept it, turn it around, fix it, and bend it in a fresh way,” he said.

So, although he beat most of the songs by a familiar palette, there are a lot of open space of impressionist trap, the innovation of the Valee style makes impossible to predict what will happen next. In 2016, “I got nothing”, the extension of double pant – “my engine run, and never turn it/whenever I use and clutch pedal” – by a long pause, and title of simple, three-word hook. At the end of last year, Valee’s and Chicago’s z-m oney’s “two 16 years old” became a small local sensation. On the track, valle began a relentless stream of imagery, his soft voice like a tap running for 30 seconds. For this section, he said he wanted to create a luxurious very detailed picture, let a person feel real, so when he rap “Yves St Laurent schoolbag on my back/don’t look back”, you can feel almost $1500 in leather pull on your shoulders.

But the best Valee song so far is still “shell”, nearly two years old, but still thriving. The self-produced track is the prime example of Valee’s subtle appeal: “get out of gucci, then cross the road (fucking)/upset stomach, I have to eat (oh!). “, “hook. The idea may seem a bit mundane, but when you hear Valee say it casually, it becomes a reality. The whole thing is strange and interesting. The effect is almost like a Bob Ross oil painting on PBS – it’s not a complete picture, it’s an appreciation of the complexity of the process. The scenes of Valee paint are often intoxicating, leaving the imagination with some crucial elements of intrigue, Versace and Fogo deChao.

Although he remains low-key, people have been paying attention – there are rumours that he may sign up with Kanye’s GOOD Music brand. He freely admits that he has a relationship with the mark, and GOOD President Pusha T will soon release a remix of Valee’s “Miami” tracks in 2016, but nothing in particular. (in October, the hashtag tweeted his “what I got” video, which is updated every two months).

But for the most part, Valee doesn’t seem to be getting any of his major concerns and just comes up with new ways to surprise people with words. He admitted: “you are numb to all the congratulations that have been so hard and unanticipated. “I rarely like my music. It seems nothing. I just stay in my mind and wait for the next best rhythm, so I can do better than I can. ”

Pitchfork: how was your childhood?

Valee: I have a bad temper and a bad temper. I have been at grammar school for years than at grammar school. Like two kindergartens, a kindergarten, I was kicked out. I can’t come back after Christmas vacation in second grade, I have to change school. My problem is that no one can yell at me or embarrass me. My grandmother and aunt show tough love: they feed you and give you a hug, but every day, when they nap, they take all their children. Strange, strange. We basically cry in the room and sleep on our own. But I think it saved me from punishment. My mother didn’t know what to do.

Outside the school, my mother bought me a toy car and I took it apart and replaced it with her mother’s q-tips. I destroyed the truck, but I found out how things work. I would interfere with the radio, the electrical system of the house. I like the speaker and the surround sound. My mother had a family day care, so she was downstairs, talking to her parents, and I was like, “oh, mom, I’m sorry, I think I tripped the fuse.” But, really, I was upstairs in my room, putting the fucking light switch on the surround receiver, so the light would light up when the bass movement became an animal. I don’t know how I did it a couple of times she called the electrician and I made a $400 mistake. But I am learning by myself. It could be the wrong way.

When did you start thinking about making music?

I live in my old place, a very nice attic. I’m the smallest person in the building. I’m bored. I went to a game system, but I wound up going to the guitar center. I said, “I think it’s better than the music I heard on the radio or the remix.” When I was there, I thought, “well, I’ll tape a microphone.” We were hit in high school, but when I graduated, my computer crashed.

After graduation, I started my business in the name of my son. The school will send me an email every Monday, making a list of tasks that I must finish on Friday. It could be as simple as fixing a fridge. The business eventually made enough profit to pay my bills, and then some, which gave me a free and creative life. I am content with a beautiful apartment and enough money to provide it neatly and create stupidity and creativity in it. So I’ll hide in my house and I don’t have to go out, to do fraud or anything. I’m still building work, but I don’t give out business CARDS, or I don’t really want to deal with people. It really started with something that I did something creative, and I did it very well, and the word spread.

The word on the street is that you have some good music. What is the situation there?

I think I’ll give music an album, or a project. I like their machines, and I like the labels. They look like an artist’s classroom. So I think they like them best. I can’t go to the same damn field where there are nine other artists. You know, I like [300 entertainment co-founder] Todd Moscow, he’s a good guy. But over there, you have 10 artists who can do music. I would be afraid that if I started putting my ideas in one of these places, I would flinch, and the teacher would tell their favorite student: “now, that’s what you need to do.” Then I came back to the drawing board. That thing makes me monopolize myself.


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